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Full house renovation with major structural works

Full house renovation in North London

Complete House Renovations



Our clients wanted to move their kitchen to the front of the house, however there was a structural chunk of cement in the way. With the advice from our structural surveyor we removed the block and replaced it with a large cranked steel, opening up the space to form a gorgeous new family kitchen with glass windows to the entrance hall. We changed the front windows to bring in more light and installed glass fire doors to carry the light through to the rest of the ground floor. We opened the back of the house as well, with new large sliding glass doors, stone patio and grass as well as new fencing. Internally we refreshed all the bedrooms, replaced two bathrooms, the cloakroom and all flooring and lighting as well. We came back the next year to build a brick wall and metal gates in the front, as well as more garden fencing in the back.

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